Introduction of KOOCAN

KOOCAN is an overseas video service brand subordinated to Hong Kong KOOCAN Network Technology Co., Ltd. It is dedicated to provide video content services for overseas users based on two major platforms, KOOCAN TV box and KOOCAN mobile APP. KOOCAN adheres to the corporate values of “brand-reputation, sharing, openness and passion” With contents being its hardcore, technology being its solid support, and channels being its driving power, KOOCAN provides consumers with diversified entertainment services in multiple languages. Up to now, KOOCAN has been registered and operated in more than 30 countries around the world.



Live broadcast, playback, VOD, YouTube content aggregation, news, application market etc.
Mobile phone projection and other diversified functions are supported. Have fun with third-party applications and Google services.

MangoTV Entertainment Contents

Mango TV authorized TV shows,
reality shows, variety shows and movies

YouTube Aggregation Platform

YouTube Aggregation Platform
Funny video clips 

CIBN Authorized

CIBN authorized live broadcasts,
synchronized Chinese domestic TV channels.

Global CDN Distribution

Multi-CDN to achieve rock-solid performance
and TV channels ultra-quick switching.

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It possesses 100 + authentic high-definition lives, including CCTV, local TV, international TV and other popular channels and self-produced channels. It is adaptable to thousands of mainstream models including Android and IOS , using lightweight Chinese interface design, providing high-definition and smooth-playing video services. Video sharing function is also supported.

Ultra-quick Channel

Timely Updated Movies

Latest ChineseDramas

Current Reality And
Variety Shows



KOOCAN Dynamic

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