KOOCAN New beginning


August 2017, KOOCAN announces to start using the whole new brand identification system.

“KOOCAN” is the combination of “KOO” and “CAN” in English. "KOO" aims to spread the essence of Chinese film and television culture, a symbol of mission and spirit. "CAN" means "energy, I can, I do", which is intended to spread infinite hope and possibility to the users.

The new logo adds a play button with a spray on its original logo, which means that it allows users to swim in the KOOCAN film and television ocean, to provide users with surfing-like entertainment experience. At the same time this spray mark also gives KOOCAN the image of sunny, energetic, and interesting.

The logo also uses the vibrant and enthusiastic orange. It’s brighter in color, simpler in design, and more dynamic.

With the change of logo, KOOCAN’s slogan also has been changed from the previous "enjoy authentic Chinese film and television" into "more than interesting", so the brand’s proposition becomes younger, more entertaining, and more social.

This brand new change of KOOCAN, whether is the dynamic interpretation of the logo, or fresh and simple product interface, or a variety of social experience, are all for new players who are creative and value the sense of the experience. Leading young people to discover the wonder of this diversified world, and injecting positive energy into their entertainment world are in accord with the KOOCAN’s will that "to create the world's most fun film entertainment platform" and KOOCAN’s mission that "to create entertainment life, and to create unlimited possibilities."

KOOCAN has more contents as well. It provides young audiences with amazing and special contents that they love the most through categorization and branding. Especially for TV dramas and variety shows, KOOCAN obtains the hottest TV dramas such as Fighter of the Destiny, and Ode To Joy, the latest variety shows such as Where Are We Going? Dad, and The Chinese restaurant. Besides, ACG fans can also enjoy animations here. We will keep updating for audiences to access as many contents as they like.

The consumers of KOOCAN are young audiences. They like to comment and play while watching. While watching dramas, they also like to express themselves in live broadcasting.

From watching videos to playing videos, in order to meet the new entertainment needs of young audiences, KOOCAN provides the amazing experience from watching to playing.

KOOCAN keeps improving technology of product, enabling audiences to comment while watching videos, to interact with others while playing videos, and to watch online and have fun offline. All of these will provide audiences with the satisfaction of entertainment.

More than interesting!

More surprises of KOOCAN are coming soon!

News Liaison