KOOCAN Launches Service in Malaysia


International video service provider KOOCAN Technology Limited (KOOCAN) launched its service in Malaysia recently to strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia.
KOOCAN is providing a variety of programmes and television channels to users in the country via the internet.It also provides 100,000 hours of programmes from China, covering all kinds of genre such as entertainment, drama, news, fiction, science-fiction and more.
Apart from that, KOOCAN also shares interesting video clips from all over the world in line with its goal of building relationship with other countries which have different cultures and lifestyles.

According to KOOCAN general manager Roy, it is now time that such service is introduced in the county considering that Malaysia and China have very good ties.

"As we can see now, both countries are in a cordial relationship for a long time. Not only that, we also see Malaysia not only as a multi-cultural country but an open country as well. The culture of the Chinese people in Malaysia is almost similar to the culture of the Chinese people in China and with the programmes in the form of culture we hope that it will open opportunities for the people of Malaysia to learn the culture of the Chinese people in China. 
"At the same time, we also chose Malaysia as the starting point for the service's launch in Asia region because its market is bigger and can attract interest of more subscribers to learn culture and entertainment through television programmes or different films," he added when interviewed by reporters at the Great PR & Media Agency office here yesterday.
Also present during the interview was KOOCAN deputy general manager William, who revealed that the company had plans to strengthen its position through a joint-venture with local telecommunication and entertainment media companies.
“For our long-term planning, the company is suggesting to offer authentic local programmes by negotiating with local content producers as the company is currently only airing programmes from China with subtitles in English and local languages for viewers in Malaysia,” he said, adding the company was not only targeting the Chinese community but other communities in Malaysia too.
"redONE Network Sdn Bhd (redONE), a telecommunication company, is our first official partner in Malaysia. For redONE subscribers, we will be charging programmes weekly," he said.
Those interested in contents by KOOCAN can access them by downloading the KOOCAN App at Google Playstore and iOS for free. Users can also use the KOOCAN TV box to watch their favourite programmes at home.
KOOCAN can be accessed in 30 countries and to date has around 500,000 subscribers.

redONE’s executives and KOOCAN’s executives

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