CIBN Cooperates with KOOCAN to Connect the Chinese Screen Culture to the World


Making Chinese Screen Culture Connect to the World is becoming an inevitable trend under the development of Chinese economics. To some extent, current China has become the future blueprint of most worldwide areas. Along with proposal and development of the Chinese “The Belt and Road” policy, this great action of Chinese Screen Culture Connecting the World that crosses continents, cultures, and industries has both developmental opportunities and challenges whether in China or internationally.
By using advanced and high-quality Intellectual Property as the content to push forward the development of this whole platform, the China International Broadcasting Network station (CIBN) focuses on innovations in contents, develops novel types of video services, and improves technical platforms, product types, business patterns, and user experiences, etc. in order to form an ecological system that has a coherent industry chain of Internet and TV series. Supported by OTT integral broadcast and management control and the license of contents’ services that authorized to operate by CIBN, it also tries to integrate advanced resources, programs and contents from multiple Internet Content Providers, continuously to support and develop several original and homemade programs, and opens up different areas of services including online retailer, game, VR, naked eye 3D technology, education, health, Buddhist culture, music and entertainment, and interactive live, etc., in order to become the architect, the servant and the leader of large-screen Internet Lifestyle.

 Early in June 2016, under the guidance of Chinese Culture Connecting to the World Strategy, the dark horse of this industry, the Hong Kong KOOCAN Network Technology Co., Ltd. advocates “Connect Chinese Screen Culture with the World, to Make Life Happier” and reaches to strong agreement and cooperation with the China International Broadcasting Network station (CIBN). The Hong Kong KOOCAN Network Technology Co., Ltd. comes up with “Centered by contents, Supported by techniques, and Motivated by channels”, and its subsidiary brand, “KOOCAN” that provides overseas video services has locked the overseas market as the primary and significant target on the date of its establishment. KOOCAN is responsible for providing KOOCAN TV boxes and services of KOOCAN APP that contains abundant video resources for overseas customers; moreover, it has finished registrations in more than 30 countries in North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and Australia, etc. successively.

As for business and channel cooperation, KOOCAN has collaborated with over 50 worldwide countries and areas to open and develop primary agents, second agents and off-line experiencing shops. As for services of techniques, KOOCAN has cooperated with multiple main stream Internet Data Centers in the world, and has deep operative cooperation with local Internet Service Providers in Southeast area. Working with CIBN closely enables KOOCAN to own more than 100 authorized and high-quality live broadcasts, covering CCTV, satellite TV stations, local TV stations, international popular programs and certain homemade programs.
Currently, every Internet enterprise makes contributions to prosperous trend of Screen Culture Connecting to the world. Internet and TV series industry faces difficulties to build strong and stable technical bulwark or to have breakthroughs in business patterns. As a result, the only way to realize the Screen Culture Connecting to the world is through cooperation among those enterprises and their combinational advantages.  
As for now, supported by CIBN’s stable and abundant authorized resources, facing to horizontal, vertical, industry and overseas markets to expand business areas, KOOCAN aims to create a well-known worldwide brand that offers Chinese movies and televisions services.

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