KOOCAN attend the Asia Television Forum (ATF)

2017-12-02 11:43:00

29th November to 1st December, Asia Television Forum (ATF) grand opening was held in Singapore, the show focuses on Chinese original content, many quality content of which debuted in overseas markets, attracting a large number of international buyers.

Asia Television Forum is Asia's largest television content trading platform covering all programs and forms of television dramas, movies, animated films, documentaries, variety shows, music, sports, travel programs. Asia Television Forum has become a platform and a window for China and other countries to understand each other's history and culture.

In the major national strategic deployment of "One Belt One Road", film and television output occupies a rather important position. Film and television works have become the staple for Chinese culture to penetrate the Global Market.

As a young and entertaining overseas entertainment platform, Hong Kong’s KOOCAN Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KOOCAN) participated in this exhibition, and were making exchanges with their partners.


KOOCAN is committed to being the most fun, providing the trendiest entertainment content in the most intuitive platform to supplement entertainment enthusiasts, inspirational entertainment diversification and socialization of promoters and practitioners.

During the exhibition, KOOCAN has communicated with media, content exhibitors and industry members from various countries. KOOCAN has also begun exporting domestic high-quality video contents overseas, thus introducing the latest entertainment video information to foreign countries so as to achieve a fair business solution with other global content platforms.

As a leading overseas entertainment platform for movies and entertainment, KOOCAN has been working hard to promote innovation and new business models in the film and television market. It hopes to let more overseas audiences understand the film and culture of China and ensuring the globalisation progress of Chinese films and television.

In the future, KOOCAN aims to dig deep into the interactive audio-visual kernel, further promotion of culture, film and television whilst achieving globalisation in the amusement-entertainment industry chain of film and television resources. KOOCAN ultimately hopes to strengthen business partnerships on a global scale and boost the development of the film and television industry.

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