KOOCAN Attends Ambassador of China Welcome Reception

2017-12-10 14:26:00

8th December 2017, the welcoming reception of the newly appointed Ambassador whose name is Bai Tian for the People’s Republic of China was held at the Auditorium of Dato Tan Sri Dr. Yang Zhong Li, where Bai Tian’s wife has also attended. This was also his first appearance after his appointment at the Local Malaysian Chinese Community’s welcoming dinner reception. KOOCAN(Malaysia)’s C.M.O. Darwin Huang attended the welcoming ceremony.

The 15th Year that Bai Tian has , has served as the Chinese embassy for the Philippines embassy counselor and the Chinese foreign ministry deputy director of Asia and other important positions.

During the dinner, Bai Tian praised the unique role played by the Malaysian Chinese community in developing the Chinese economy, promoting the unity of Chinese communities, and carrying forward Chinese civilization as well as playing a unique role in the development of Sino-Malaysian relations during the Reception Dinner. He believes that the Chinese community are part of Malaysia's main ethnic group and an important pillar of Malaysian multiculturalism. They have made incredible contributions to the independence and development of Malaysia and are also indispensable for Malaysia to achieve their goal of the 2050 National Transformation Plan. Furthermore, he hopes that the overseas Chinese will continue to care for and support the relations between China and Malaysia, giving full credibility to their roles as advocates, communicators, promoters of friendship and cooperation between China and Malaysia.

Second from the left, KOOCAN(Malaysia)’s C.M.O. Darwin Huang
As an overseas entertainment platform, KOOCAN plays an important role in the cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia. KOOCAN has been hard at work to promote Sino-Malaysian cultural exchange and the dissemination of innovation in the video market. Presently, KOOCAN has conducted discussions with a number of local operators and service providers to reach strategic partnerships to let more Malaysian audiences understand China's television and culture. KOOCAN has exported domestic high-quality video content overseas and introduced the latest entertainment video information from abroad. KOOCAN aims to achieve an open and beneficial yet fair arrangement for Malaysians working with global content platforms, thus smoothing China's film and television industry to achieve globalization.

In the future, KOOCAN plans to make further developments into the interactive audio-visual market and create a new cultural ecology through the Internet, video, music, e-sports, video and so on, combining Malay's local film and television culture with a view to achieving cultural interoperability with Malaya, Content sharing, jointly promote the development of video industry.

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