KOOCAN at International Short Film Festival

2017-12-03 15:23:00

30th November to 2nd December,the 8th China International New Medie Short Film Festival took place at Maya Water Park in ShenZhen.More than 200 exhibitors from
20 countries and regions participated in it.

China International New Media Short Film Festival is the first international short film market focusing on the trading of short video copyright and talent projects in China. It aims to promote short film copyright trading, screenplay venture capital, talent team project transactions, the latest film and television technology show exchange, helping exhibitors to build high-quality platform.

This fair has a high degree of professionalism.Exhibitors including domestic and foreign industry leaders, video special effects research and development institutions, new media platforms and video agencies.As well as video maker, copyright sales, virtual reality technology development agencies from 22 countries like Russia, Spain, Poland, UAE, Iran, Singapore and South Korea.

As a globolization and unlimited entertainment platform,KOOCAN has also been invited to the fair.We provide premiered drama and translated drama,and our keynotes is audiovisual interaction.
As the coolest platform,KOOCAN dedicated to bring entertaiment aficionados the latest and most fun contents directly.We have established long term cooperation relationship with many content providers at home and abroad such as Mango TV, Huace Group, Future TV, China International TV Corporation, Golden Age, etc,so that we could provide contents with authoritative copyright.

With the advantages of content creation, KOOCAN can excavate more business models under the scientific platform structure; With the platform influence and online marketing ability, the quality content can be explosively propagated; Nowadays, it has become a pioneer of video internationalization.

KOOCAN was an amazing performer during the fair as a young, entertaining media platform. With the enthusiastic dance and creative KOOCAN head, KOOCAN's entertainment spirit and innovative spirit have been taken to the extreme, and have been favored by the organizers and exhibitors.

During the discussion of new media film industry , KOOCAN talked about many topics with the jures, director and some experts, such as new media video development direction, content creation ,transmission operation etc.We all hope to create a new cultural ecology and achieve win-win cooperation through the Internet +.

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