A Fresh and New Audio-visual Feast

2017-11-20 00:00:00

Sponsored by KOOCAN,the music and dance festival in Tunku Abdul Rahman University worked out perfectly.

8th November 2017,The 10th Music and Dance Festival took place at the Setapak campus auditorium,which was sponsored by KOOCAN and planned by the dance club.

Many famous stars attended it,such as Geraldine,Danny,Joey etc,as well as some dance groups like Kingsman, Covenant Dance Crew, Exodus, Fuxion!The audience were entertained by the hot dances and charming music.It was a fantastic and amazing activity.

This activity was hold to make students' college life more colorful and fun, to give students who love music and dance a platform to show their talent,helping them to build confidence.Moreover,  to help them gain experience when participating in it.

KOOCAN sponsored the music and dance festival, aiming to help students realize their dreams as well as to promote the diversification and social function of entertainment industry.As the coolest platform,KOOCAN dedicated to bring entertaiment aficionados the latest and most fun contents directly.This activity is also an important move for KOOCAN to achieve an entertainment diversification layout,to biuld a outstanding brand,to bring the aficionados high quality expereince.


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