KOOCAN Malaysia team attended the Winter Solstice Luncheon

2017-12-18 15:55:00

On the 17th December 2017, KOOCAN Malaysia team attended the Winter Solstice Luncheon 2017 held at Min Kok Restaurant, led by KOOCAN (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd,  CSO (Chief Sales Officer) KC Sam.
The highlight of the night was SIN CHEW DAILY yearly branding event where they celebrated Chinese Traditional culture with their readers and Chinese community. The event was truly well known to the public as the organizer had invited approximately 1200 attendees. Nevertheless, to make the event even more interesting, KOOCAN had sponsored 5 units of their TV BOX worth RM 399 /per box, as part of the Lucky Draw Event.

Third from the left is MR. KC SAM 

As a new OTT international entertainment platform, KOOCAN plays an important role in the cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia. KOOCAN has been hard at work to promote Sino-Malaysian cultural exchange and dissemination of innovation in the video market. Presently, KOOCAN has conducted multi-channel docking with a number of local operators and service providers to reach strategic partnerships and enable more Malaysian audience understand China's television programmes and culture. KOOCAN has exported domestic high-quality video content and introduced the latest entertainment video information from abroad as well.

KOOCAN aims to achieve an open and beneficial yet fair arrangement for Malaysians working with global content platforms, thus smoothing China's film and television industry to achieve globalization.

The intention of KOOCAN cooperating with Sin Chew Daily is to bring in various of Chinese communities such as Hakka, Hokkien, Cantonese, and much more. Locally, KOOCAN aims to provide video services from abroad for various Chinese communities. Working with a local media corporation will help by ensuring brand awareness and legitimacy of KOOCAN’s operations here in Malaysia. KOOCAN hopes to gain the trust of local Malaysians by working with other business as well in the future with Sin Chew Daily’s partnership being the stepping stone to provide variety and quality video services to the masses.

In the future, KOOCAN plans to make further developments into the interactive audio-visual market and create a new cultural ecology through the Internet, video, music, e-sports, video and so on. On top of that it also plan to combine local Malay films and television culture with a view in achieving cultural interoperability with Malaysia, content sharing ,jointly promote the development of video industry.

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